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Top promotional products - September / October 2020


Every couple of months we will bring you a list of the best selling merchandise and in September / October the theme is Social Distancing products. These items are designed to keep you safer at work and reduce bacteria / sanitise the equipment used:


  1. 15mm lanyard anti bacterial
  2. Social distancing badges
  3. Eco name badges
  4. Hand sanitiser credit card shaped
  5. Hand sanitiser keyring / clip on
  6. Hygiene keyrings
  7. Express washable reusable face masks
  8. Anti microbial card holder
  9. Anti bug marrow mug
  10. Americano microbial coffee cup
  11. Anti microbial coaster
  12. Bio Vogue Pens




Why Use Promotional Products?


Keep your customers / staff happy and engaged Staff

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone and if you are looking to reward staff for working extra hard we have gifts which are low cost and available in small quanitities.

Why not leave a small chocolate on everyones desk (Works for hotels) or personalised cookie, Pin badges could also show safety messages.

Consider what your staff take with them each day to work possibly a travel mug, ruck sack , pen or folder each can now be printed with individual names.

Make the message fun and clear "Thank you , for you help".

Some companies have internal award ceremonies such as Green Champion - Eco Warriors who recycle the best or Communication Support - Who offers best customer service to clients?


We must all remember to thank our clients when they order with us and offering competitive prices isn't always enough anymore.

Be an empathetic listener and paraphrase what you have heard back to them - This builds trust.

There are usually 2-3 focal points in every conversation and often opportunities to up sell can be missed.

Concentrate on delivering high quality products, on time and as expected.

Consumers need to be aware of any new positive changes like website launches, innovative products or services.

It might be an umbrella with large print area to greet them at your offices in the rain or hygience keyring to use instead of hands touching surfaces.

Trolley coins are useful at super markets and the humble pen is still a best seller  - Add a stylus and it can be used anywhere.


Create Brand Awareness


Always choose bright dynamic colours and text when making a new brand and think about using custom made shapes. This attracts potential customers to your exhibition stands , signage or social media pages. Did you know we can now mix and match colours on items if you have multiple colours in the logo?

A few are listed below.


  • Americano Mugs
  • Contour Pens
  • Shopper Bags
  • Umbrellas
  • Usb Sticks
  • Notepads


Promote your event


It has never been easier to get noticed but that can come at a cost. TV / Radio advertising is incredibly affective but also quite pricey and often the news is read online now. Social media pages help get you noticed and are far cheaper, Post a picture of a freebie and watch the interest flow. A customer had £500 to spend and hoped to get 500 email addresses in return for a valentines day gift costing £1. The 2 choc box was made with foiled logo and they reached their target in 1 morning (In fact we ran out of chocolate - So plan big) At present it is difficult to know when we can all showcase our talents at trade shows but many organisations are creating virtual exhibitions. Why not host a virtual conference? In return for contact details send a mailable / flat gift some are below and under £1 a unit even on small volumes.

  • Coasters
  • Flat pens
  • Magnets / Stickers
  • Ice scrapers
  • Badges
  • Mints / Sweets

What products are the most effective?


Over the past 5 years our team has been researching the most popular promotional items by industry (If the sector your in isn't listed we can always make one for you within hours)

The giveaways shown might not always be the most relevant but they might offer some guidance as to what other similar companies do.

  • Transport / Travel - Lanyards / Rigid Card Holders
  • Healthcare / Hospitals - Travel Mugs
  • Universities / Schools - Stationery (Highlighters, pencils, pencil cases etc)
  • Software / IT - Stylus Pens
  • Road Safety - Refective Items (Tabards, reflectors, stickers)
  • Charities - Badges (Button and pin badges)
  • Leisure / Tourism - Shopper Bags


This homepage will be continually updated with innovative merchandise  related to the closest holiday / season - So expect some scary Halloween bits early October.


Please pick up the phone and call us if you would like an ideas list today or a copy of our latest catalogue tomorrow - Enclosed will be some freebies too.




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