Team Domenica



This year has been incredibly difficult for us all but possibly even more troublesome for fundraisers and charities.


Can you imagine how hard it is to raise awareness of a good cause when almost all revenue streams are cut off and events are cancelled such as the Brighton and London Marathon?


Promo Solved has provided discounted merchandise and freebies in the past for charities to show our support and this year we have also partnered up with Team Domenica with the aim of doing much more to help one another.


If you know of an employer who would be interested in providing work placements for young people with learning disabilities please click on the logo below.


Brilliant cause and incredible people running this. Next time you are in the Brighton area why not pop into one of their cafés and find out for yourself?


Full bio below.



Team Domenica’s mission is to help people with learning disabilities discover their career potential, to create employment opportunities and remove barriers to work in local communities.


We deliver training, education, wellbeing and employment programmes to over 70 young people (aged 19-25) with learning disabilities – referred to as our ‘candidates’ to more accurately reflect their status as people ready for employment. These programmes are delivered through our unique three-tier set-up:


Training Centre – qualified teachers deliver classroom-based lessons and candidates work towards achieving an accredited qualification. They also undertake work experience placements with local employers and access enrichment activities that develop their overall wellbeing.


Training Cafés (Café Domenica) – these are open to the public and staffed by our candidates. They gain practical work experience and develop their confidence in a real work environment, preparing them to progress on to external workplaces. The cafés also bring people in the community together, educating them on the real value gained by interacting with young people with learning disabilities.?


Employment Centre – we work in partnership with 48 local employers across many industries to create employment opportunities for our candidates. This includes educating employers, removing barriers to work faced by our candidates, and providing lifetime support to our candidates, their families and employers.


With the right training and support, Team Domenica knows that people with learning disabilities can bring real value to workplaces and society.