Buy Local or Bye Local?


Buy Local or ‘Bye Local?

Since 2000, British manufacturing has shrunk twice as fast as other countries in the 34-nation Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Only Norway has a smaller industrial base than Britain in the current European Union.

With cheaper steels coming into the UK from China and Russia, our manufacturing industry is looking grim.

Yet still we are the global leader in terms of high tech and highly skilled manufacturing in other areas.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. The UK still has a part to play, and in the last 50 years manufacturing output actually grew in 35 of them.

Add to this the escalating manufacturing costs in China, and one in six businesses are returning to their home base of the UK.

UK manufacturing has many benefits for the environment too.

The reduction of the carbon footprint is significant.

When we all should be playing our part to reduce global warming, this is a major consideration.

When choosing your manufacturing base with those of the Far East, consider the relative peace of mind in dealing with local business suppliers. The laws of this land, and the choices therein become more self evident.

The Chinese New Year celebrations bring long and protracted closures of workshops. This brings frustrations to the western markets and it’s often a price businesses aren’t happy to pay.

Manufacturing in the UK means  the waiting times are greatly reduced.

When things do go wrong, recourse is usually easy. A relatively simple car or train journey normally sorts it and you can be home same day!

Add to that all products made in the UK need to conform to tried and tested British Standards and EU regulations, and you wonder why we ever would have a problem?

We all need to play our part in bringing manufacturing back to the UK. Buying British when you can will help to ensure this happens.

The demand is there. It needs to be met with forward thinking business.