Generation Y - The New Generation X Millenial


Generation Y - The New Generation X Millenial

Let’s start for those who might not know, and explain who are Generation Y.

Generation Y are the next generation from Generation X.

They are otherwise (and hitherto in this article) also known as ‘Millenials’.

Millenials are the group of people born between 1982 and 2004.

Are you following this so far? Good!

Millenials are an important authority for promotions in this Millenium as they begin to make life changing purchases.

In studies carried out by leading promotional businesses, they appear to be a great barometer on how promotional marketing is performing.

Surprising results (to some staid and headstrong divisions of the advertising market), show a tendency for Millenials to avoid advertising altogether.

When possible, a typical Millenial would rather pay extra to avoid tv or radio advertising than receive the same shows for free with ads included.

Consumers of this age are opting for more personal and relevant approaches which capture their attention.

This is where a well composed and thoughtful promotional product campaign may actually win over the tried and traditional methods of TV and radio ads.

Something that is tangible and useful to them is far more preferred over a generic, mass audience orientated ad.Useful promotional products can stay with a Millenial throughout the day, every day. It’s subliminal message integrating into everyday routines.

Millenials rank promotional products as the most effective channel to provide an incentive to act.

Effective advertising is shown to be better obtained when a consumer is exposed regularly.

Two out of every three Millenials carry some form of promotional product with them all day.

Successful branding it seems could learn a thing or two from promotional product campaigns!