My Desk is Not Untidy - It's in An Orderly Mess!


My Desk is Not Untidy- It’s in An Orderly Mess!

Now where did I put my pen? I’m sure it was there yesterday underneath my copy of “Promotional Products” magazine?

Perhaps it’s under the tea stained notepad?

No wait! Here it is! Just where I left it! Stuck in my cactus plant soil!

So much for the old adage, ‘Tidy desk, tidy mind.’!

Whatever the state of your desk, it surely can be argued that it once started out clean and tidy?

We can help with your organisation with a multitude of accessories for your desk.

In fact, if you bought them all, your desk may look untidy!

From personalised mobile phone chargers and stands to pens and coffee mugs, mouse mats and post-it notes, we have you covered.

Isn’t it about time you geared your next campaign to getting desks tidy? After all, your clients sit at their desks for the majority of the day -almost every day. For months, if not years to come! They could be looking at your promotion?

For information about any of our personalised marketing products, call one of our knowledgeable staff at Promo Solved. We can guide you through prices, patterns and designs, and quantity costs. You’ll be glad you did!