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Made To Order Gifts

Research shows kids as young as 2 can recognise logos like Mcdonalds, Nike, Apple and Youtube.

Give them your phone and watch how they navigate to their favourite videos whilst ordering a Big Mac on iphones , Wearing a Nike tee shirt.

This is because the human eye is attracted to shapes and colours much more than simple text or fonts.

Promo Solved understands the importance of finding low cost branded merchandise available in unique shapes or fonts / colours.

Below are just a few custom made gifts we have sourced for you but many more are available:

Prices have come right down over the past few years to create pre production samples out of paper, plastic and some metals.

For just £50-75 factories can send visual mock ups and once approved make samples to show decision makers, All prior to ordering.

Send us pdf or eps versions of the logos today and our team will advise the cheapest giveaways that are in a special shape.