Full Colour


Something for every brand! 

Many times we are asked by our customers whether they can add a photo or full colour image to a promo item.

The good news is “Yes!”, and in this category we’ve already found over 900 items with this possibility.

Print areas vary depending on whether you’re printing on small gifts such as:

or larger items like:

​Promo Solved will always offer guidance as to which is the most suitable design subject.

Our factories supply free visual mock ups which show exactly the size and position of the logo prior to ordering.

It’s worth considering a pre-production sample that can cost as little as £50-75 and can be delivered within a week.

Did you know?

The human eye responds better to shapes and colours than text? If that fact has got you thinking, please contact us if you have any unusual shapes or colours in your brand.

If you know the pantone number of your artwork, we’ll ,supply gifts in that colour and send samples within days.

(For instance, blue has many shades; royal, navy, midnight, sapphire, light, sky and reflex. Each of these colours are assigned pantone numbers, and there are many thousands of shades to choose from)