Pencil Cases

It is not always essential to brand pencil cases now due to exam restrictions. Promo Solved provide clear cases such as the Lexicon Pencil Case  which can be printed or supplied plain and you can simply select a personalised pen, printed ruler or branded eraser to add inside.

Eco Cases can be made from organic cotton and our Enviro Pencil Case comes filled with recyclable plastic ruler, cardboard pen, recycled paper notepad, wooden pencil and sharpener.  We can source cases to match most brand colours and provide costs for merchandise under £1 per unit too.

Nylon Pencil Cases used to be traditionally the most popular type selected before rule changes. Now Lexicon or Pencil Case Kit are best sellers as they are value for money.

Consider print area, budget, colour of item and what contents are required inside prior to ordering. Proof mock ups can be sent free of charge showing your design.

Clear cases can be reused if unbranded for other projects and hold things like timetables, business cards, lists of contents and leaflets.

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