• Pop stand - Cheaper alternative to Popsockets

Promo-solved offer an alternative mobile phone grip to Popsockets


Remember fidget spinners, or when USB flash drives were all the rage?

Well there’s a new craze in town and it’s taking the UK by storm


What is it?


Popsockets ‘is’ what.


What exactly are Popsockets?  

Popsockets are fun accessories for your phone, and a potential promotional product.

Little handle-like socket grips that stick to the back of your phone, making it easier to hold.


Simply pop ’em up when needed and pop ‘em down when you’re done!


Use Popsockets for;


  • Taking selfies

  • Watching videos

  • As a stand

  • Buying two and wrapping your headphone cable around them

  • One-handed texting  see how here!

  • Just to make it easier to hold your phone!


Popsockets grips have a serious money-saving function too!


Have you seen all the people walking around with broken phone screens?

Popsockets make holding a phone so much easier.

Because they pop flat, Popsockets take up such an insignificant amount of extra space they’re perfect for handbags, pockets and purses.


And they look cool too!


It’s the new phone experience!


You want a custom Popsocket?


You got it!


Customise your Popsockets here!



Why not do the double Popsocket and be the envy of your friends!

Funky designs and colours make them collectable- and stylish!


What people are saying about Popsockets


“Tysm this helped my mom buy me one??”


“I have a custom-made Popsocket from my mission trip.”


“I've been asking my grandma and she got me one today!!!????”


“my bf and I are gonna buy a matching popsocket :)?”


“Looove my pop socket! Got a new phone today and had to go and immediately buy a popsocket to match lol?”


“Love it, I have a doughnut one?”


History of Popsocket


Frustrated with his iPhone headphones getting tangled in his pocket, David Barnett, a philosophy professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, glued a couple of large buttons to the back of his phone to wrap cords around.


It was an effective rig, but inelegant enough that his friends poked fun. Barnett refined the design through dozens of prototypes and came up with the PopSocket.


The $10 expandable button is wildly popular--pulling in $169 million in 2017 revenue, up a whopping 71,423 per cent from 2014.


The company expects more than 100 million of them will have sold by the end of this year, in part thanks to the extra grip on a phone it provides while taking selfies.

There are also wallets and cases in this range, to cover the front of the screen. Please inquire if these are of interest.


What do they cost?


Prices start at 5.89 euros each set up, based on 120 (which is the minimum quantity with custom phone grip).


Costs improve for larger volumes, but…

Promo Solved has a cheaper alternative, The Pop Stand continue reading below after artwork guidelines for Popsockets...




Introducing the Pop Stand  - A custom PopGrip



Check out our video here - https://youtu.be/017jXTXgtkc

Pop stands are a great utility product that sticks to the back of your mobile device rather like Popsockets explained above.


Pop it out and they can be used as a kickstand too.


Get a grip on your phone!


Personalised Pop stands- the supreme phone holder, phone grip and stand- and promotional item all in one!


Being inexpensive, Pop Stands are perfect as promotional products when you want to promote your brand or company info and offer them as free gifts.


We sell Pop Stands in bulk too- great for a musical event or student gathering.

For a minimum order of fifty pieces, we even supply custom Pop stands.


Customise your Pop stands with your logo or colours.


Simply send us a copy of your logo as an eps or pdf file and we can provide a free visual mock-up with guide costs the very same day, The print area is shown above 40x40mm diameter.


40mm diameter in size and circular in shape, available in either white or black and fully branded full colour.


Costs can also be found on our main website here  for under £1 if you order 250 (but challenge us to find a custom phone gift suitable within any budget).


Call us for a quick quote today- no high pressure, friendly and experienced rep.


Special one-time offer of free sample pop stands for the first 100 enquiries!


Additional information / Spec sheet



Hinged grip/stand with Self-adhesive back


Digital Print




White or Black


42mm diameter, 10mm high when closed, 28mm high when open


40mm diameter


0.011kg (based on Full-colour print)




Zip Lock Bag




22kg (based on Full-colour print)




Required in any vectorised file format


Visuals supplied within 24 hours


Approx 2 weeks from artwork approval


Approx 3 weeks from artwork approval