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Do you need promotional branded stress balls with your logo?

If your looking for free branded or custom printed merchandise for your marketing as a promotional giveaway, stress relievers are a fun, novelty gift to pick. 

Find out how effective stress balls are in helping relieve stress below or contact us for further information.



Are you looking for promotional branded stress balls and toys in bulk?

We offer custom samples upon request and sell most branded products in larger quantities if required.

But the important thing to realise is you should use giveaways with a purpose or use in mind. This builds a bond of goodwill between both parties and grows stronger business to business relationships in the long run.

A fact to understand with stress in the workplace is that 35% of all days off are stress related. Moreover, last year 23 work days were lost to stress on average per person ill from work. (Source). 

So considering the fact above, bringing that special someone a little relief at work is why we created these personalised products. They allow you to improve morale of your employees at work.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How are promotional stress balls and toys made?

Stress balls are a unique cheap squishy malleable item customised with your logo or message.They are used to create brand awareness or be a useful reminder for the receiver.

Typically small in size to fit inside your hand, you would squash the item between your fingers to relieve stress. 

In most cases the stress toys are made from polyurethane foam rubber. They are injected into a mold in a liquid form which then reacts once mixed with other elements. But you can find stress balls made from baking soda, sand and cloth.



Are stress toys effective?

Stress balls are an ancient concept that originates from Chinese medicine. The act of repeatedly squeezing and releasing the ball is believed to reduce stress levels as it relieves tension in the muscles.

The balls also have the ability to prevent repetitive strain injury and carpel tunnel syndrome, which are common ailments among office workers. They are often used by physiotherapists to treat these disorders.

Far from being a mere free novelty, stress balls can have a positive impact on your employees health at work.


Where would you use them?

Due to their small size and light weight, stress balls are the ideal chea promotional gift. They also have an important health benefit for office workers, students and even school children guaranteeing that they will be used again and again.

Typical use:

  • For promotions at corporate events
  • Onsite visits to schools and universities
  • Brand awareness for plumbers 

Our products are available in a variety of colours and shapes including trucks, hearts, houses, spines and animal shapes. Making them a creative way to market your brand message to your audience.




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