Save Money

Save hundreds of pounds with this prior knowledge into ordering printed promotional items;

Our team find gifts which are not only cheaper and relevant to the theme, but also available quickly.

With over 20 years experience sourcing personalised giveaways we provide alternative options which are better value for money, in the correct colour, of higher quality, carry larger print areas, and fast delivery dates within 2 weeks.

All the information we need from you is the following:

Who is the target audience? 

Consider their age, gender and whether the promotional item is dispensed in bulk to the general public, or only to decision makers (such as managers or directors).

When is the event, trade show or launch date?

The factories which produce these items are either in the UK (delivery dates 2-3 weeks) Europe (3-4 weeks) or the Far East (6 weeks +)

We’ll have a much better chance of completing an order in less than a week using UK manufacturers as customs inspections alone can delay things by a few working days.

How many people would you like to contact?

Our website has a few thousand products and minimum quantities applied. However, we often contact suppliers to determine whether they can provide fewer as one-offs.

The general rule is the larger the order quantity, the better discounted our negotiated prices, and we pass the savings to you.

(PS- No minimum quantity sister site coming soon!)

What is the shape and colour of your logo?

The simplest method is to send us an eps or pdf file showing your brand.

Our artroom will check the pantone (shade of colour -, the number of colours and any customised design shape.

Coming soon will be a category named 'Custom Made'. Here, you’ll be able to find bespoke shaped keyrings, magnets, notepads, usb sticks and even pens with shaped clips etc.

Delivery address / Fulfillment!

Often, our customers haven’t decided where the order is to be delivered at the time of purchasing; When this happens, we don’t stress. We source, print, pack and deliver most things, and even distribute to multiple addresses!

If fufillment is required, ask about our competitive fulfillment costs.

We’re used to filling bags with pens, notepads and usbs all in the same colour and brand, neatly packed for transit.

Where the promotional merchandise originated?

If eco credentials are important to you (for example recycled, biodegradable, organic and fsc certified), we’ll provide certification showing where the product originated, exactly how green it is, and even on occasion videos to back this up.

Did you know one of our paper factories plants 10 trees every time we order post-it notes? Newspaper and pencils can be snapped to show what they are made from, and most of our pens are made from recycled bottles!

Note: A gift made from recyclable material in the Far East, or even Europe, would have a far greater carbon footprint than one UK made. Our team visits UK factories to back up each claim- though we do try to keep down our own carbon footprint!